“Top Class” Software Solutions that fits your own Company Requirements

iSoftDev Co. specializes in business software development and creates both large enterprise business software, and small bespoke software applications for custom needs.

Software experts of iSoftDev Co. deliver business software solutions with leading-edge functionality and maximum outcome while applying individual approach to every customer.

Software Development Lifecycle Model

Our specialists adopts the following software development process, also known as software development life cycle (SDLC), which is the structure imposed at iSoftDev Co., on the development of a software product using the ISO/IEC 12207 international standard for software lifecycle processes.

software lifecycle

Custom Software Development Specialist

We specialize in the development of custom software applications and offshore software outsourcing services. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and Internet/Intranet software application development.

We deliver custom application software development services to end customers and we provide offshore software outsourcing services for other IT companies. iSoftDev Co.’s competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and solutions to our customers.

Because our main objective it’s to satisfy our customers business needs by delivering high quality and bug-free applications.

Our Company Provides the Following Services and Benefits

iSoftDev Co.’s professional services are well-managed and adequately controlled. They include:

Custom Software
Services for the development of the software tailored to customer’s business needs and industry requirements. By using our solid software development expertise and latest technologies, we deliver cost-competitive and top class solutions.
Professional UI
Technology never stands still and neither do we. To deliver to our customers the best User Interface (UI) experience, we include in our applications, the best and most innovate components and tools in the market.
RDBMS Technology
We use Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and Firebird as the database storage. This offers the following benefits: Data redundant, cero inconsistencies, data integrity, data atomicy, data security, velocity and flexibility.
Evergrowing demand for Internet/Intranet software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. To streamline your business, we address those issues with our holistic Internet and Intranet solutions.
Because every customer has unique technologic needs and requirements, iSoftDev Co.’s developed solutions fully supports the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows.
We know that no matter how good a product might be, it still requires a dedicated team of individuals fully committed to supporting it. From the most rudimentary inquiries to complex problems, our support team is on-call to help you achieve your objectives.
Quality Assurance
We at iSoftDev Co. are highly committed to deliver top quality solutions that exceed your expectations. Because nothing gives us more joy than to see our customers fully satisfied with our products and services.
iSoftDev Co.’s customers get accumulative software updates and enhancements for the period of 12 months since the release of the development solution.
Our delivered applications include several well-explained video content documentation. You would find in those tutorials, topics like: “How to Get Started”, “Advanced Functionalities”, “Useful Tips”, among others.

If you have any feedback or concern, feel free to write us at anytime. We would be delighted to answer your mails.

iSoftDev Co. Development Team.